Dating a guy with different interests

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Perfectly put Helene. Ten years in, I can still count on one hand the tastes and hobbies that Chris and I have in common. It may seem counterintuitive, but this fight was actually a great example of why our relationship works. Get our newsletter every Friday! There are some TV shows and movies we both like, but our tastes in that regard tend to be pretty different

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Even so, there are some advantages that dating couples with similar interests get to enjoy and they include:.

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15 Men Reveal How Important Common Interests Are In Their Romantic Relationships

My ideal night is going out to listen to a live band or sit outside with beer and talk. Today, we expect much more from marriage, including emotional fulfillment and like-mindedness as well as help with the dishes. I both agree and disagree with this. Sounds like you are not happy, and trying to find an answer that backs ups what you think. Shared interests can be a problem too because you feel you are competing with each other.

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dating a guy with different interests
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dating a guy with different interests
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dating a guy with different interests
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