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YouTube parental controls will not block this because it is appropriate for children but was edited. He even made a bunch of green screen videos so other content creators can use those clips of him and use them in their own videos for more or less comedy and satire https: Has anyone done that? We had a 12 year old post his own video giving away a new Xbox. I actually agree with him. There are hundreds of production houses in the country that produce soft core adult content for YouTube channels.

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Is it always that same guy?

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#YouTubeWakeUp, #ProtectOurKids

While you are a medical professional and I am not, do not submit yourself to the appeal to Authority fallacy, search for and read the paper by L. Since you are a mother and pediatrician, I understand your concern for this content being on the YouTube mirror, YouTube Kids, but you glazed over some important, and relevant, points that make this aarticle border on manufactured outrage. I am inspired and impressed by your focus and unwavering goal to keep kids safe. The only way to stop him is to get YouTube to track their location, each time they upload. Not rocket science to actually read something before you put your ignorant two cents in. So that guy is Filthy Frank who is an adult YouTuber who is actually left the platform to focus on music.

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